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Himoto wing

At the very first day at Jakarta in the last Ifmar World Championships the Race Director call the members of the International Jury due to the existence of a peculiar wing, the Himoto one. Later on we discovered that it was not only the Himoto but one of the Proline brand as well. The main diference with the standart ones is the different width at different points of it being wider at both sides than in the center of it. We studied the wing and the IFMAR rules, which are the same as the EFRA ones. And we (all) concluded that the wing was according to the rules.

On Road rule
5.18. Wings and Spoilers
Whether built into the body or separate, they must have an angle of minimum 35 degrees measured on the vertical line inclusive of any added aerodynamic aids. If separate, they must have a chord of no more than 77 mm......//...
Off Road rule
4.5. WINGS
A wing of maximum overall size 217 mm. length and 77 mm width may be fitted.

As you can easily appreciate both wordings are quite different.
Any interpretation may lead anyone to the same conclusion: The rules are paying attention to different mesurements. At On road the key point is the chord, at Off Road the key point is the width. If you look at the Off Road rule, the inclination angle is not an item neither. So that the way to measure is diferent.

If you look in the EFRA Handbook the width is always measured from top vision, from vertical positions :

As you can see the Chord in the scheme is clearly longer than 77, but the width is 77. To make it more clear for you, I have personally talked with the Himoto designer and the Proline designer, and I have advised them that we may probably think that the proper rule most probably is the On Road one and that most probably by 1st Jaunary 2008 it may happen that the rules may change and so that their wings will not be valid any more after that date. Both of them agreeded and give me thanks for the clue, considered that 1 year life of the product will help to the payback of molds and none of them expressed oposition. The main ¡§but¡¨ of those wings is that may open a way to 3-4-5 decks wings, so to close the item most probably we gonna make some rules the coming year, most probably in the on road style.

More: At the same event. Jakarta Worlds, I had to help some european drivers who opened too many holes on the bodyshell. I have made a proposal for the holes for our Section Meeting. I talked as well with Manufacturers involved and even offered them to study/create a rule to allow those, they agreeded that it is too many risk if we open that door and so that they close all their extra-holes and felt that a rule change is not needed. If you need more clarification I am at your dispossal as usual.

Your friend
Carlos Gomez
EFRA 1/8 Off Road I.C. Section Chairman